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Dancing With the Hendricks County Stars: A Dancer's Musings

Posted by: Sue Bogan   |   Saturday, February 27, 2016   |   Back to Blog

Oh my gosh! What have I done? It sounded good at the time. It will be fun. It helps raise awareness and money for a great Hendricks County organization. And yes, I admit to having long-repressed dreams of being able to dance like one of the June Taylor dancers ...

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Tracking Your Blood Sugar: Understanding How Meters Compare

Posted by: Angela Thomspon, NP   |   Friday, January 8, 2016   |   Back to Blog

According to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) the definition of an “accurate” blood glucose reading is any meter that can provide a result twenty percent above or below a lab drawn blood glucose. The reason for the difference between the meter and the lab value has to do with many factors including ...

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Register for the Hendricks Regional Health YMCA Gobble Gallop

Posted by: Kaitie Delgado, RD   |   Friday, November 13, 2015   |   Back to Blog

It’s that time of the year again ... the 4th annual Hendricks Regional Health YMCA’s Gobble Gallop. One year ago I had compared this fun Thanksgiving 5k race to a true IRONMAN. It still remains true that a growing family includes the toughest race in life ...


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How Technology Can Enhance Your Life with Diabetes

Posted by: Angela Thomspon, NP   |   Thursday, October 8, 2015   |   Back to Blog

Do you get frustrated with some of the day-to-day management aspects of living with diabetes? Have you ever wondered if there is an easier way? With the revolution of technology over the past several years, there are multiple high tech tools that have been developed to make you’re your life with diabetes easier.

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Get Fit AND Give Back to the Community at November 7 Event

Posted by: Lori Coffey, Yoga Instructor, Guest Blogger   |   Monday, September 21, 2015   |   Back to Blog

The yoga and fitness instructors at Hendricks Regional Health are hosting the annual "Giving Through Health & Fitness" fundraiser. The event will be held Saturday, November 7, from 8 a.m. to noon at Hendricks Regional Health in Danville.


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"Fun" Raising

Posted by: Sue Bogan   |   Friday, August 7, 2015   |   Back to Blog

I’m a lucky person with one of the best jobs around. I work with a bunch of kind, smart and amazing people who take great care of me, my family, neighbors and friends who receive their medical care at Hendricks Regional Health. I also work with a bunch of kind, smart and amazing volunteers who fun raise to help those amazing caregivers take care of me, my family, neighbors and friends at Hendricks Regional Health.

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Activity Tips for Cancer Survivors

Posted by: Martha Rardin, RD   |   Monday, June 1, 2015   |   Back to Blog

A diagnosis of cancer is difficult and downright scary. The person receiving the diagnosis immediately starts wondering how it will affect my life and my family. The family surrounding the person starts contemplating what they can do to be supportive and helpful during treatment. As a cancer survivor, I have my own memories and experiences and I know my diagnosis affected all those that love and care for me. My diagnosis was for Hodgkin’s disease and with the help of many people I successfully completed 12 chemotherapy sessions. I am a little more than two years out of treatment and am doing very well.

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Avon Farmers Market Opens June 2 With New Vendors and Returning Favorites

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Saturday, May 16, 2015   |   Back to Blog

The Avon Farmers Market will once again meet every Tuesday from 4pm – 7pm on the Hendricks Regional Health Avon south parking lot, just off U.S. Highway 36. The Avon Farmers Market brings fresh local produce, baked goods and handcrafted items to residents during the months of June through September.

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Tracking Activity through a Fashion Accessory: A New Way to Stay Motivated

Posted by: Lael Hill, Guest Blogger   |   Wednesday, May 6, 2015   |   Back to Blog

It has been almost six months since I started my quest to lose weight … and I have actually gained 10 pounds. As I write this, I can hear the game show buzzer sounding off. What went wrong? I have gained 20 pounds since starting my new job last April. Previously, I was concerned that my new job had caused weight gain due to a sedentary work life sitting at the computer. This was getting serious, and I felt it was important to analyze what went wrong.


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Empowered to Run Again

Posted by: Adam Scott, Guest Blogger   |   Thursday, April 16, 2015   |   Back to Blog

I started running 20 years ago and have not stopped since. One reason I have not stopped is because I have never been injured from running, aside from general soreness or an occasional minor strain in my Achilles tendon. Well, it finally caught up to me ...


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