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IEP Success Tips for Parents of Exceptional Learners

Posted by: Carrie Meyer   |   Wednesday, March 20, 2013   |   Back to Blog

Spring is around the corner, and for parents of exceptional learners, that means case conference time. As mom to a special needs child in seventh grade, I have been to many of these meetings. Working with your school system to ensure your kiddo has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that meets his or her needs can be a challenging part of parenting a child with special needs ...

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Healthy Life Inspiration: Pass It On!

Posted by: Gwyn Green, Guest Blogger   |   Friday, March 15, 2013   |   Back to Blog

Something that never occurred to me, even as a coach, was that I could inspire someone else. For me, although I had success with the program, I still sometimes can’t believe I achieved as much as I have. When my husband, who lost 40 pounds just from mimicking my new habits, gets compliments, he tells them it was because of me. I get truly embarrassed. I think “letting go of” personal “food demons” or the perceptions a person has of themselves, are the hardest things to do ...

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Give Your Kitchen a Nutrition Makeover

Posted by: Martha Rardin   |   Thursday, March 7, 2013   |   Back to Blog

Ever wonder what tips and ideas a registered dietitian would give you if she took a peek in your cabinets and fridge? Wonder no more! The Hendricks Regional Health dietitians have put this helpful post together so you can give your kitchen a nutritional makeover.

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Age 2-Adolescent Years: Managing Your Child’s Screen Time

Posted by: T. Anthony GiaQuinta, M.D.   |   Monday, March 4, 2013   |   Back to Blog

As a parent and physician, I understand that in today’s digital world it can be challenging to safeguard your child from too much “screen time.” Here are some guidelines and helpful information for parents. I have broken it down into three age ranges: age 0-2 years; age 2 through adolescence; and the adolescent years.

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Ages 0-2: Managing Your Child’s Screen Time

Posted by: T. Anthony GiaQuinta, M.D.   |   Thursday, February 28, 2013   |   Back to Blog

According to www.etymonline.com, the term "Boob-Tube" is a catchy term coined in the 60’s to describe the brain-leaching properties of the television set, with “boob” a once-used nick-name for an idiot, and ‘tube’ a component of the television back then. This means, that despite its relative infancy, the television had already gained notoriety ...

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The Chemo Countdown Project

Posted by: Shivaun Mitchell, Guest Blogger   |   Monday, February 25, 2013   |   Back to Blog

Recently, a close friend got some bad news. The "Big C" was dropped and the shock waves took a while to quiet. It was such a helpless feeling to watch her struggle with this news and the reality of what was to come. We all wanted to do something, anything, to help out and show our support, but we were unsure what we should do ...

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Kids and Veggies: "Peas and Thank You!"

Posted by: Laura Shumaker, Guest Blogger   |   Thursday, February 21, 2013   |   Back to Blog

We all know that it's a good idea for kids to eat their fruits and veggies. But how do you make that happen? Here are some ideas that have worked for our family ...


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3 Steps to a Successful Recovery from Surgery or Injury

Posted by: Jenny Bates   |   Tuesday, February 19, 2013   |   Back to Blog

For many of us – and let's face it, I mean me – exercise is what keeps the little sanity you have left intact. So when an injury or surgery puts the brakes on activity, it can mean big trouble. As someone with a medical condition that throws a recovery period into the mix on a regular basis ...

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My Son’s Crohn’s Disease Journey: Part 2

Posted by: Sue Bogan   |   Friday, February 15, 2013   |   Back to Blog

Here are seven tips that could could be helpful to parents of a child who has recently been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, or another chronic medical condition.

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My Son’s Crohn’s Disease Journey: Part 1

Posted by: Sue Bogan   |   Thursday, February 14, 2013   |   Back to Blog

Recently I heard of another young boy diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and it made me think back to those scary days when our son, at age 11, was first diagnosed. He’ll be 27 soon, and he has lived with this condition longer than he has lived without it ...

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