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A Mom's Tips for a Successful Breastfeeding Experience

Posted by: Abby Butts   |   Sunday, August 17, 2014   |   Back to Blog

clientuploads/2014/Abby-blog-photo.jpgNursing a baby seemed easy.  You put your baby to your breast, he latches on, and then you have this wonderful breastfeeding experience, right? Wrong.  It is not as easy as it seems.  At least it wasn't for me ...

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Duncans Take Back Their Health

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Tuesday, August 5, 2014   |   Back to Blog

“Sometimes, hearing the words ‘YES YOU CAN’ is all we need,” said Sarah Duncan. Lifestyle changes are challenging, but motivation can sometimes come from something unexpected...

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Nurse, Heal Thyself

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Thursday, July 24, 2014   |   Back to Blog

Gert of Plainfield had a family history of heart disease, but no symptoms of heart problems. As a retired nurse of 30 years, she understood the importance of getting a heart scan and she had it on her checklist of things to do. She never dreamt the scan would reveal a dangerous level of plaque build-up in her heart ...

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Dietitian Confidential: My Favorite Vices

Posted by: Brenda Moeckly, RD   |   Thursday, July 17, 2014   |   Back to Blog

https://asoft11134.accrisoft.com/hendricks/clientuploads/2014/grapes-WEB-iStock-953939 edit-2.jpgOn occasion, I’ll run into a person who apparently believes that dietitians just run around nibbling dry salads and carrot sticks all day long. For the record – No, I don’t always feel like eating vegetables. Okay, I rarely feel like eating vegetables, especially if chocolate happens to be an available option ...

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Backpack Safety

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Saturday, July 12, 2014   |   Back to Blog

It’s that time of year again! The beginning of school is just around the corner, and that means buying school supplies and a new backpack to hold it all which can be quite a load on our kids’ backs. Do you know how much weight your child should be carrying?

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The Best $49 He Ever Spent

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Tuesday, July 8, 2014   |   Back to Blog

https://asoft11134.accrisoft.com/hendricks/clientuploads/2014/Gary small.jpgAs a Fire/EMS professional with the Danville Fire Department, Gary was accustomed to saving lives. However, in October of 2011, Gary did one small and simple thing that ended up saving his ...

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6 Ideas to Encourage Family Fitness

Posted by: Emily Sample, Exercise Physiologist   |   Monday, June 9, 2014   |   Back to Blog

clientuploads/2014/Family-dancing-thnskt-WEB-78713762.pngFitting exercise into our already busy schedule can seem pretty daunting at times, especially if you have a family. It’s actually easier than you think to squeeze in some activity on a daily basis. Often times, we miss the opportunity to get some extra movement ...

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Family Gardening Offers Fun and Nutrition

Posted by: Martha Rardin, RD   |   Saturday, May 17, 2014   |   Back to Blog

clientuploads/2014/Gardening_thnkstk_121288858.pngYou can’t beat the flavor of fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the garden. Tender baby peas, fresh strawberries and delicate lettuce are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to produce that can be grown at home ...

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Local Physician With Worldly Expertise

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Saturday, May 10, 2014   |   Back to Blog

From a very early age, Dr. Chad Waits knew that he wanted to be a doctor… and that he wanted to treat the people of his community. Today, the people of his community (and many surrounding communities) are extremely fortunate that Dr. Waits brought his passion and expertise to Hendricks Regional Health.

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Surgeon Reduces Recovery Time By Half

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Thursday, May 1, 2014   |   Back to Blog

For patients looking for a less invasive hip replacement procedure, and one that can them back on their feet and active much more quickly, Hendricks Regional Health has the answer… Dr. Brad Prather.

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