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Confessions of a Philanthropist

Posted by: Sue Bogan   |   Friday, September 6, 2013   |   Back to Blog

Now that the voting is over, I feel I can more freely express my opinion about being on the list of nominees for “Philanthopist” in the Hendricks County Flyer’s “Best of Hendricks County” annual survey. No matter who the winner was, I must admit that being listed with the likes of Dennis Dawes, Bob Sexton and Deedee Daniel came as a complete surprise to me. Certainly an honor, but also a big surprise.

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Little Angels Motorcycle Ride on June 29

Posted by: Sue Bogan   |   Saturday, June 22, 2013   |   Back to Blog

June 6, 2009, is a day that Mandie and Jerry Bergman will never forget. Their beautiful twins, Jerome Albert III and Grace Elizabeth, were born at 22 weeks. Jerome III was born at 1:16 p.m. and weighed 1 lb. 1.2 oz. Gracie was born at 6:27 p.m., weighing 1 lb. 0.8 oz. What is normally the happiest time of two parentsí lives ended up being their saddest with the deaths of their precious babies.

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Bid to Buzz FUNdraiser

Posted by: Sue Bogan   |   Monday, May 20, 2013   |   Back to Blog

A great idea was generated in early spring that has led to what is sure to be a memorable fundraiser called Bid to Buzz. Dave Cravotta, speech therapist at Hendricks Regional Health, is participating in a half ironman competition this summer. He recently made a decision to shave his head to ease the heat during training as the temperatures climb. The second and more fun decision Dave made was to turn this into a fundraising event to benefit Hendricks Regional Health Foundation.

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Lemonade Day Encourages Kids to Learn, Give Back

Posted by: Sue Bogan   |   Wednesday, April 24, 2013   |   Back to Blog

Youíve heard the old saying about when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Selling lemonade has become a way to encourage young entrepreneurs and philanthropists through the national Lemonade Day event. This year, Lemonade Day will be Saturday, May 18. Several Hendricks County partners are joining the efforts. Read how to get your kids involved ...

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26 Random Acts of Kindness: Sandy Hook Challenge

Posted by: Carrie Meyer   |   Friday, February 8, 2013   |   Back to Blog

Today I heard about a really neat thing happening right here at Hendricks Regional Health. It seems that our Treat People Better-minded staff were taking it upon themselves to spread some happiness and joy. Rumor is ...

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Meet Jesse: Therapy Dog in Training

Posted by: Aimee Ketterer   |   Tuesday, January 15, 2013   |   Back to Blog

I am a dog lover, plain and simple. Anyone that knows me has heard me swoon about my boxer, Roxy. As much as I love her, I am realistic about her limitations. Behavior can be challenging for any dog and thatís why Iím so fascinated by the therapy dogs that strut their stuff at Hendricks Regional Health.

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Finding Your Legacy Through Philanthropy

Posted by: Sue Bogan   |   Wednesday, December 19, 2012   |   Back to Blog

In most cases, a blog post is usually the personal thoughts and expressions of its author. However, I read an article recently and am not sure I could express the thoughts better myself ...

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25 Ways to Give Back in Hendricks County this Holiday Season

Posted by: Sue Bogan   |   Monday, November 26, 2012   |   Back to Blog

When our boys were young, we always had an Advent calendar to help them anxiously count down the days to Christmas ... The boys are grown and the tree no longer makes its appearance, but I thought of another way to count down the days leading up to Christmas. Here is a list of 25 ways your family can help the many caring nonprofit organizations of Hendricks County Ė who in turn serve the people of our community.

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Philanthropy Choices: Make YOUR Impact

Posted by: Sue Bogan   |   Monday, October 22, 2012   |   Back to Blog

Every day we are faced with choices Ė what to wear as we get ready in the morning, what to eat for breakfast, how we going to spend our free time ... However, some of our choices are impactful and have the capacity to influence our lives and the lives of others in much bigger ways.

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Stay Active and Healthy this Fall: Community Events

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Friday, October 19, 2012   |   Back to Blog

Looking for activities to keep you and your family busy this fall? We've got lots to choose from, ranging from activities to help keep you healthy to fun events in our community that we proudly support. Find even more happenings, such as our popular and low-cost fitness classes, at

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