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Dancing With the Hendricks County Stars: A Dancer's Musings

Posted by: Sue Bogan   |   Saturday, February 27, 2016   |   Latest Articles   |   Back to Blog

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Editor's Note: This is first part in a blog series chronicling Sue's experience as a dancer participating in this fun, community fundraising event. Check back for updates!

Oh my gosh! What have I done? It sounded good at the time. It will be fun. It helps raise awareness and money for a great Hendricks County organization. And yes, I admit to having long-repressed dreams of being able to dance like one of the June Taylor dancers (dating myself with that one), a Rockette, or one of the competitors on Dancing with the Stars.

So, what have I done? I have agreed to be a dancer in the fundraising event Dancing with the Hendricks County Stars on April 23, 2016, to benefit the Hendricks County Historical Museum. Such a cool place! Located in Danville just south of the town square, the museum houses numerous collections and showcases the old jail, Sheriff’s office and residence. A real treasure, the facility was built in 1866 and was in use until 1974. Currently closed for renovations, the museum will re-open in March.

Following a recent kickoff meeting at the Arthur Murray Studio in Avon, I know a bit more, and the whole thing worries me a bit more, too. The good news is I’m in great company. Other dancers are friends and Hendricks County colleagues Jeff Binkley, Karie Clark, Ifen Donovan, Brad Dubois, Jeremy Enz, Sara Ferguson, Peg Glover, Gene Hostetter, Nancy Johnson, Rick Myers, and Nic Quintana. The other good news is that some of them are as intimidated as I am by the thought of doing something so new, that we barely know, in front of 300 people. But it sounded good at the time.

My Arthur Murray instructor knew he had a challenge when he asked me what song I wanted to dance to. I’m not what you’d call a music aficionado. I do not have an iPod, nor do I download music to my phone or stream music. I listen to NPR in the car. I mentioned that there is a jazz guitarist whose music I enjoy. Neither the instructor nor the manager had ever heard of Marc Antoine. They asked if I meant Mark Anthony. Nope, Marc Antoine. Great start, indeed.

A week later, I had my first opportunity to “try out” several styles of ballroom dancing. It was fun! I asked Kyle, my instructor, to pick some fun music that would work with a dance that is easy for me to learn. Soon the dance lessons begin. I’ll share more about my journey and the museum in the next few months, hoping to address my own “What have I done?” question and share the answers with you.

~Sue Bogan

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