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My Sonís Crohnís Disease Journey: Part 2

Posted by: Sue Bogan   |   Friday, February 15, 2013   |   Back to Blog

Here are seven tips that could could be helpful to parents of a child who has recently been diagnosed with Crohnís disease, or another chronic medical condition.

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My Sonís Crohnís Disease Journey: Part 1

Posted by: Sue Bogan   |   Thursday, February 14, 2013   |   Back to Blog

Recently I heard of another young boy diagnosed with Crohnís disease, and it made me think back to those scary days when our son, at age 11, was first diagnosed. Heíll be 27 soon, and he has lived with this condition longer than he has lived without it ...

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Gift Guide for Expecting and New Moms

Posted by: Laura Shumaker   |   Thursday, December 6, 2012   |   Back to Blog

Do you know an expecting mom or a new mama? Need some gift ideas? Here are my favorites ...

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Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy Benefits for Young Athletes

Posted by: Carrie Meyer   |   Saturday, November 10, 2012   |   Back to Blog

My 11-year-old son is an avid basketball player. He began the sport at age 6, and has more recently advanced to playing in a more competitive league. This fall, he started experiencing heel pain that caused him to sit out drills at practice. His running gait, while never exactly graceful, became downright painful to watch as he struggled up and down the court. Ice and rest werenít helping, so we made an appointment for him to be evaluated by sports medicine physician Dr. Mark Booher ...

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Reflections From a Second-Time Mommy

Posted by: Laura Shumaker   |   Wednesday, October 31, 2012   |   Back to Blog

I am blessed to have two little ones to care for now and I couldnít believe the differences in the experience with the first versus the second. Here are five scenarios and how I approached them both the first and second time around. I share my "been there, doing things a little differently this time" lessons learned!

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Itís Big-Bro Time! Introducing Sibling and Baby

Posted by: Laura Shumaker   |   Thursday, October 25, 2012   |   Back to Blog

Wondering what you can do to prepare your child to become a big bro or sis? Here are some tips for a smoother transition:

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Improving School Readiness with Early Literacy Skills

Posted by: Dr. Stacy Williams, Pediatrician, Guest Blogger   |   Wednesday, September 19, 2012   |   Back to Blog

I love talking about early literacy with the families in our practice. When parents nurture early language development, kids benefit in so many ways. For example, they have increased school readiness, improved social skills and are more confident. Much more is expected from todayís children when they enter school. Thatís why it is so important to lay an early foundation for literacy. Growing up with a mom that taught first grade in a rural community, I saw the challenges that can come when kids arenít ready for school ...

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My Son Was Diagnosed With Scoliosis

Posted by: Carrie Meyer   |   Wednesday, August 15, 2012   |   Back to Blog

My 13-year-old son was recently diagnosed with scoliosis. Scoliosis is a musculoskeletal disorder in which there is a curvature of the spine, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. Of every 1,000 children, 3 to 5 develop spinal curves that are considered large enough to need treatment. In 80 to 85 percent of kids with scoliosis, the cause is uncertain. My son Grant falls into that category.

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What to Expect at Your 35-37 Week Appointment

Posted by: Laura Shumaker   |   Friday, July 27, 2012   |   Back to Blog

Usually about a month out your doctor will want you to stay closer to home. Everyoneís situation is different, but Dr. Mazdai recommends staying within a one-hour drive from the hospital. Itís good to know because we thought about a last minute day trip with family, but the timing wasnít right and it was too far away. (Not to mention Iím a nervous Nelly since Baby 1 was 3 weeks early!)

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Summer Events to Keep Your Family Healthy and Active

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Friday, June 8, 2012   |   Back to Blog

Looking for activities to keep you and your family busy this summer? Weíve got lots to choose from, ranging from activities to help keep you healthy to fun events in our community that we proudly sponsor.

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