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Stress-Free Family Travel Checklist

Posted by: Carrie Meyer   |   Wednesday, June 6, 2012   |   Back to Blog

Long ago I learned that staying organized in the car was essential to my sanity. Having a special needs child, I have to be mindful of what he may need on the road. But all parents can relate to the mass chaos of traveling with kiddos. That’s why I put together my tried-and-true checklist for stocking the old family roadster this summer. Happy trails!

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Babies Don’t Come With Instructions. Childbirth Classes Help.

Posted by: Laura Shumaker   |   Friday, May 18, 2012   |   Back to Blog

Expecting a bambino? Excited and terrified, all at the same time? Have no fear, Hendricks Regional Healthis here! With our first child, my husband patiently attended a TON of prenatal classes with me. I wanted to know what to expect and Childbirth Classes did just that. Here’s some of what we took …

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What to Expect at Your 24–28 Week Prenatal Appointment

Posted by: Laura Shumaker   |   Thursday, April 19, 2012   |   Back to Blog

So, you’re moving along in your pregnancy and have arrived at the 24–28 week appointment. Here’s what to expect ...

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The Potty Train – Steps to Success in Potty Training

Posted by: Laura Shumaker   |   Tuesday, April 3, 2012   |   Back to Blog

Seems like just yesterday I was blogging about cloth diapers! We recently potty-trained our son at just under 2 1/2 years old and he’s doing great. We chose the Pottywise method by Ezzo and Bucknam, MD. Their unique approach gives the option of intense focus or a more laid-back style ...

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What (Not) To Do If Your Child Brings Home Head Lice

Posted by: Carrie Meyer   |   Tuesday, March 20, 2012   |   Back to Blog

I can’t believe I am actually writing this. But I think it could help other parents. So I am taking one for the team here, folks. Deep breath. Here goes. My 5-year-old daughter recently came home from kindergarten with some unwelcome friends ...

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My Favorite Family Management App

Posted by: Abby Butts   |   Wednesday, February 22, 2012   |   Back to Blog

In addition to my professional titles, at home I am CEO, CFO and CIO (you get the point). I'm kind of a big deal in my family. To keep it all together, I use a family management app called Cozi. It helps me coordinate schedules, manage “to do” lists, maintain shopping lists, and since my husband and I both have smartphones, we have our family's information on the go.

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Stress-Free Tips for Tracking Medical Expenses

Posted by: Carrie Meyer   |   Wednesday, February 15, 2012   |   Back to Blog

With tax season here, it is a great time to think about how you track medical expenses for you and your loved ones. As a parent of a special needs child, I have gleaned some helpful record-keeping tips both from my own personal experiences as well as advice from a tax professional. Whether you consult a pro or go it alone, keeping good records is a must. Here are a few tips to help you track medical-related expenses year-round to ease the stress of tax time.

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Reflect on the Holidays and Preserve Cherished Memories

Posted by: Laura Shumaker   |   Tuesday, January 3, 2012   |   Back to Blog

As the holiday season comes to a close, you may find your camera is full of wonderful memories of all your get-togethers with family and friends. Don't be overwhelmed! There are many ways you can document memories these days. Here are some ways to use technology or tried-and-true favorite methods to preserve your family history – during the holidays and all year long.

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What to Expect From Your First Prenatal Appointment

Posted by: Laura Shumaker   |   Tuesday, December 27, 2011   |   Back to Blog

I have some exciting news to share, we are expecting our second baby! ... Even though I have been through this before, there are lots of things I forgot, like what happens at the first prenatal appointment. So if you are expecting, here’s a little preview …

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Modern Family Holidays

Posted by: Aimee Ketterer   |   Thursday, December 15, 2011   |   Back to Blog

My family is like millions of others today. We’ve been through divorce, found happiness again through remarriage, and we’ve blended two sets of wonderful kids into our home to create a new family unit. In our case, that family unit is kind of big–six kids in all–and it keeps growing as the older ones find their own significant others. And, just like other families, the holidays present special challenges for us when it comes to juggling time with our loved ones.

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