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Insider’s Guide: Hospital Stays with Your Child

Posted by: Carrie Meyer   |   Thursday, May 19, 2011   |   Back to Blog

Packing your bag for a hospital stay with your child can feel overwhelming. As a mom to a child that underwent several years of cancer treatment, I have a lot of experience with this. Happily, my son is doing wonderfully and hasn’t needed hospitalization in a long time, but I still have a few gems of advice to share. Some of these ideas may also be helpful for shorter, outpatient hospital visits.

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Benefits of Rekindling Old Friendships

Posted by: Patti Carrington   |   Tuesday, May 17, 2011   |   Back to Blog

Remember that friend you lost touch with so long ago and still wonder about? Why haven't you reached out to her or him? Whether it's an old colleague or confidant from school, there's something fun and fulfilling about reconnecting after the years have passed ... For me, rekindling and growing my friendships, past and present, has had health benefits. Even though we live across the continent (or the ocean), reaching out to old friends makes me feel content, happy, and “connected.”

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Step Away From the Blackberry

Posted by: Abby Butts   |   Tuesday, May 3, 2011   |   Back to Blog

Hello. My name is Abby and I am addicted to my Blackberry.

I realized my Blackberry habits were a real problem when my 6-year-old stepson told me he "would wait for me to get done" checking whatever I was checking on my Blackberry before he started reading his homework out loud to me. I've seen the look he was giving me before, its the look I give him when he is taking too long to do a simple task. Apparently, even 6-year-olds get annoyed with people being on their Blackberry too much.

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Parenting is Good for a Laugh

Posted by: Lori Wildman   |   Thursday, April 28, 2011   |   Back to Blog

Sundays could be a bit of a challenge when the kids were little. I sing on the worship team at church, and my husband often worked on Sundays, leaving me to manage both kids and still arrive early for rehearsal, etc. One particular Sunday, my son (then just a wee little kiddo) decided it would be fun to run around in circles IN THE FRONT of the sanctuary (although it WAS off to the side, to be fair) during worship. Maybe it was a compliment to my amazing vocal talent, but I doubt it.

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A Tisket, A Tasket, A Healthier Easter Basket

Posted by: Carrie Meyer   |   Friday, April 22, 2011   |   Back to Blog

Easter is the second top-selling candy holiday behind only Halloween. And that, my friends, is straight from the bunny’s mouth. This year, I am going to challenge myself to think outside the Peeps® box. Tomorrow morning, I am going on a quest for non-candy items to fill eggs and baskets. My goal is to find things that encourage activity, or spending time outdoors.

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Cloth Diapering Diaries

Posted by: Laura Shumaker   |   Tuesday, March 8, 2011   |   Back to Blog

Cloth diapers have come a long way since the white cloths you fold and pin together. Now they’re cute, colorful and fit snug around the leg like disposables. My husband and I decided to use cloth diapers to save money and the planet, one dirty bottom at a time!

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Give a Little, Get a Lot

Posted by: Barry Freeman, M.D.   |   Tuesday, February 22, 2011   |   Back to Blog

So I was asked to blog for the Hendricks website. As a physician, I should probably start a blog focusing on medical issues where my professional opinion could serve as "expert" advice. Good ideas may have been the current flu outbreak, why it’s important to take your blood pressure medications even though you feel great, etc. But I’m going a different route ... an area where I am not an expert. An area in which I make plenty of mistakes. An area I make some good decisions, some bad. An area where I am just trying to do my best – parenting.

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1st Grade vs. High School Basketball

Posted by: Abby Butts   |   Tuesday, February 15, 2011   |   Back to Blog

Basketball is one of those sports every Indiana resident is supposed to love, but I am not one of those Indiana residents. I played basketball in grade school but honestly, it was too much running without ever getting anywhere. In high school, I was a basketball fan but that's only because that is where the social scene was. I will watch an NBA game if I have tickets but I won't watch an NBA game on TV. So when my 6-year old stepson was signed up for basketball I was happy to watch him play a new sport, but still not in love with basketball the sport.

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My 7-Year-Old Shouldn’t Have to Hear the Word “Erection” Every Sunday

Posted by: John Sparzo, M.D.   |   Sunday, February 6, 2011   |   Back to Blog

It is impossible, short of using a DVR to skip commercials, to avoid the inevitable Cialis ads sprinkled liberally throughout any televised sporting event, especially, it seems, NFL games. At this point, I can almost predict the scene when the camera narrows in on the face of the actor supposedly afflicted with “ED” when he says, “If you have an erection for more than 4 hours, seek immediate medical attention.” Just how many times do you think they have to shoot that scene before the guy can pull that off without cracking a smile? Thankfully, the semi-creepiness of these ads seems to keep my kids from asking too many questions.

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