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Gift Guide for Expecting and New Moms

Posted by: Laura Shumaker   |   Thursday, December 6, 2012   |   Latest Articles   |   Back to Blog

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Do you know an expecting mom or a new mama? Need some gift ideas? Here are my favorites ...

Note: If you are interested in purchasing these items, consider using the link from this blog. That way, Amazon will donate a portion back to the Hendricks Regional Health Foundation for community health outreach programs.


       Nursing shirt/tank
This unique shirt makes every shirt a nursing shirt. It sounds too good to be true, but it really works! Itís a long tank without straps that you clip to your bra. The best part is that you layer under all your shirts, which is great if you have shorter shirts or pants that are low-rise. It also keeps me warmer when nursing or pumping because I donít have my stomach exposed. (Watch a video about how it works.)

Brest Friend
This nursing pillow is awesome. While you donít have to have a special pillow to nurse, this one makes breastfeeding easier. I tried the popular U-shaped pillow and didnít like it. The Brest Friend fits all the way around and supports your back, plus enables you to stand up with your baby semi-supported. I can even lay my baby down on it if he falls asleep. The only draw back is itís a little awkward to strap on while you are holding your baby.


Nursing cover
There are many different nursing covers available. Many moms use a blanket, but IĎm not that coordinated and with my feisty baby, Iíd be worried it would come off. Thatís why I love the apron style cover up. I like the ones with a rigid opening so you can see whatís going on with baby while still being covered. Three suggestions include:

  • Bebe Lait Nursing Cover Ė I own this and really like it, it has a great rigid opening.
  • JJ Cole Nursing Cover Ė In doing some research, I also discovered this one that covers your shoulders up too, which on occasion would have come in handy. (Since I donít have it, I canít comment on how rigid the opening is though.)
  • Seraphine Nursing Shawl Ė I have a fabulously fashionable friend who owns this. Itís nice because it covers you up all the way around so your back, side and stomach arenít hanging out. Itís pricy, but the material is amazing and itís really discreet. Many moms feel like nursing aprons draw attention to you, but you barely notice this cover up. Itís also versatile when you are pregnant and can be used as a scarf too! My friend decided to sew hers shut for more privacy though. The only draw back is that it doesn't have a rigid opening, but I still like it.

Shower Hug
Sometimes pregnancy and breastfeeding make your breasts more sensitive. This means even a relaxing shower could be uncomfortable. The Shower Hug is a lightweight tube-top towel. Since you are covered, the water isnít pounding on you, making it much more comfy. You can also use it as a warm compress or a sleep bra. And itís great for other conditions like mastalgia, cyclical breast pain, breast cancer, beast surgery and mastectomies.

A few of these ideas are mine, but I also asked the gals at my Breastfeeding Support Group about their favorite baby items. These are the items that made it on our list of ďmust haves.Ē


Restaurant gift card & baby-sitting
Giving a gift of a night out is always a winner! A gift card to a favorite restaurant is great but knowing that you have arranged childcare (or volunteered yourself) is even better! Or, if you are low on cash, just offer to babysit!

This item is the ďnew babyĒ gift from the hospital and is also one of my favorites. Itís a safer way to cover your baby than a blanket and itís what we use at the hospital. It comes in many sizes and the smaller ones offer a removable swaddler feature. One mom I talked to says this brand is the only swaddler that stays closed on her baby.
  ItzBeen Baby Timer
This was a surprise gift but I found it handy. Itís a timer for the last feeding time, diaper change, etc. It also has an alarm feature with a little night light, which I loved when I needed to check on the baby or find something once he was asleep.
  Photo website gift card
Many people take digital photos, but no one seems to print them out. There are many different things you can do with them these days Ė photo albums, mugs, cell phone covers, canvases and moreÖ Every mom would love a nudge to do something with her pics!

Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker
Moms love that this rocker folds up and works from the newborn stage and transforms into a toddler rocker/chair.


Rock Ďn play sleeper
This is a great little seat for newborns to sleep in or just to hang out. Although I donít have this product, I like that itís elevated since my baby bouncer is always down on the floor. Itís also very portable to move throughout the house!



What are your favorite baby products?

~Laura Shumaker

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