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What to Expect at Your 35-37 Week Appointment

Posted by: Laura Shumaker   |   Friday, July 27, 2012   |   Latest Articles   |   Back to Blog

Editorís Note: Laura asked her physician, Dr. Anita Mazdai, to review this blog to ensure the information was medically appropriate.

Itís getting down to the wire now!

Stay closer to home
Usually about a month out your doctor will want you to stay closer to home. Everyoneís situation is different, but Dr. Mazdai recommends staying within a one-hour drive from the hospital. Itís good to know because we thought about a last minute day trip with family, but the timing wasnít right and it was too far away. (Not to mention Iím a nervous Nelly since Baby 1 was 3 weeks early!)

Group B strep
Group B strep is a bacteria some moms carry that can be passed onto their babies in birth. This routine screening includes a vaginal and rectum swab sample (donít worry, itís a small swab). The test is usually performed between 35-37 weeks.

Your doctor will tell you at your next appointment if you are a carrier. If you are positive, you will receive antibiotics during labor to help prevent the spread to your baby, which are usually pretty successful. Your baby will be monitored to check for any symptoms. If 2 doses of antibiotics are given, there is less than a 1% risk of infection to your baby.

Cervix check
Since you are already undressed from the waste down, some doctors will ďcheckĒ you and get a cervix baseline. They can tell how much your cervix has effaced (thinned) and dilated. This gives them something to compare to when you arrive at the hospital during labor. Many women with have some dilation or thinning prior to labor, but most women will still go close to their due date.

The usual suspects
This appointment also includes the regular stuff like a urine sample, checking your weight gain and listening to the babyís heartbeat with the Doppler (my obvious favorite).

See you soon!
At this point, your physician will want to see you weekly from here on out until the special day comes when your little one is born!

~Laura Shumaker

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