Go the Distance Injury-Free with the Right Athletic Shoes

Posted by: Patti Carrington   |   Wednesday, August 8, 2012   |   Back to Blog

Do you choose shoes based on whether they match your outfit, or maybe because they are just so super cute? Ummmmm, guilty! Sigh. Thereís more truth to that ďright shoesĒ thing than I realized. When I started my fitness journey, my $5 tennis shoes from Walmart had not been replaced in years, but I figured those shoes could take me wherever I needed to go. I was wrong.

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My Favorite FREE Fitness Apps

Posted by: Lori Wildman   |   Monday, July 30, 2012   |   Back to Blog

I started running in January when I finally caught the running bug that had infected most of the gals in my office. Being the tech nerd that I am, I jumped online to see what was out there to help me be successful. Iíve worked my way through a lot of online tools and apps. Here are my favorite FREE apps ...

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My First Destination Running Event

Posted by: Aimee Ketterer   |   Tuesday, July 24, 2012   |   Back to Blog

I have always struggled to find the fun in running. Switching up my pace by doing interval runs has helped tremendously but, letís face it, running on the same treadmill day after day or the same route in the park can get a little stale. As a person bored by monotony, I wanted to try something new: a destination run. While planning a recent family trip, I searched for races that I could run near where we would be vacationing. And guess what? I found one!

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Summer Fun Run Really IS Fun!

Posted by: Lori Wildman   |   Saturday, June 16, 2012   |   Back to Blog

This summer, you and your kids have a terrific FREE opportunity to visit the parks in Hendricks County, get a little exercise, and see what a great county you live in. The ďSummer Fun RunĒ series is a collaboration of all the county parks working together to get the community to visit our parks and maybe get a little healthier at the same time. Every Wednesday night through September, you can visit a different county park and walk or run on either a 1 mile or 5K (3.1 miles) trail ...

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Making the Switch to Interval Running

Posted by: Aimee Ketterer   |   Thursday, May 17, 2012   |   Back to Blog

Three and a half years ago, I decided to turn myself into a runner. Just for a change of pace, you know, for the fun of it. This was a crazy dream, especially for someone who hates running. Yes, you read that correctly, I hate running. I really do ... Well, guess what? Iím finally starting to like running slightly more than I hate it ... find out how I made this turn-around and why I am sticking to it!

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The Practice of Yoga May Take Some Practice

Posted by: Carrie Meyer   |   Monday, April 30, 2012   |   Back to Blog

I recently had an opportunity to try a yoga class. While not entirely new to yoga, this was my first experience taking a class devoted fully to yoga. As I walked down the hall, I could smell the calming lavender scent and hear the relaxing music ... As we settled into our first pose, and then our second, I realized I might not be quite cut out for yoga ...

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My Strategies to Kick Exercise Excuses to the Curb

Posted by: Patti Carrington   |   Wednesday, January 25, 2012   |   Back to Blog

Iím guilty! Guilty for using lame excuses about why I couldnít exercise, honestly believing they were reasons. But letís get this straight Ė excuses arenít reasons. According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 50% of American adults donít get enough physical activity, and 25% of adults arenít active at all. Making excuses wonít get you anywhere in life. Get down to the real reason for not wanting to do these things. No more excuses!

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Me, Elvis and 13.1 Miles

Posted by: Carrie Meyer   |   Tuesday, December 13, 2011   |   Back to Blog

By now you might have read my other running blogs chronicling my journey from awkward giraffe to slightly less awkward giraffe. I continue to have a love-hate relationship with this crazy sport, but have found myself hooked in spite of myself. So thatís why when my buddy Jenny asked me if I wanted to go to Las Vegas and run a half marathon, I told her absolutely, most definitely NO ...

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Find Your Small Victories in Body Sculpt Class

Posted by: Carrie Meyer   |   Saturday, October 22, 2011   |   Back to Blog

When I shop for bathing suits, I stick to one-pieces. There are three reasons for this. And the youngest reason just started kindergarten. And I couldnít care less. I love being a mom, and I think that a healthy body has nothing to do with how a woman looks in a bikini.Itís about feeling healthy and strong, and maintaining an active lifestyle. Thatís why I love Body Sculpt, taught by Katie Dolder at Hendricks Regional Health. Body Sculpt is a low-impact training class that tones the entire body, builds strength and improves balance and flexibility ...

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Kickboxing - The Workout That Packs a Punch

Posted by: Patti Carrington   |   Monday, October 17, 2011   |   Back to Blog

Are you ready for a workout that packs a punch (with a kick) and includes great health and fitness benefits? Kickboxing is fun and quickly gaining popularity Ė a lot of people really love it, including yours truly. Kickboxing is my personal favorite fitness class. Here are some great benefits of kickboxing, along with some considerations to think about before you begin ...

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