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With Exercise, Every Day is a Fresh Start

Posted by: Patti Carrington   |   Thursday, February 3, 2011   |   Latest Articles   |   Back to Blog

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I love fresh starts Ė itís like a second chance all wrapped up in unconditional love and forgiveness. Iíve learned that every day is a new fresh start, kind of like a ďdo-over.Ē Not an ďundo,Ē but time to forgive yourself for mistakes made yesterday and a chance to take another shot at getting it right this time. Things happen in life. No matter what happened, accept it. Take responsibility, learn from your missteps, adjust your plan, and move on. This philosophy holds true for exercise. Sometimes it takes time to find what works for you. So don't be afraid to try new things, like fun fitness classes.

Remember, sometimes measurable progress and improvement arenít noticeable fast enough, no matter how hard you work. Thatís frustrating, but make a plan and set goals. If you donít succeed; try, try again. Just for fun, here are some fitness opportunities I have tried, and what I thought of them. I would love to hear about classes you've tried as well!

  • Aquatics: The thought of appearing in public in a bathing suit can be a deal-breaker for anyone. Get past it Ė no one notices or cares. This exercise is easy on the joints and itís so much fun. No one sees you sweat, either. Check your local school, fitness clubs and rec centers.
  • Zumba: Donít worry about getting those steps down perfectly. Just let go and dance. Move your body to the energizing music and have fun. (I once logged 7,000 steps!) There are lots of Zumba classes around.  You will learn to move it and you will find that you love to move it!
  • Body Sculpt: The name of the class is a little misleading. Itís not just about working out with weights and building muscle. This is a full-body work-out with great music and plenty of cardio, too. You wonít believe the difference in your body, strength and stamina. 
  • Boot Camp: Phys Ed class for grown-ups and what a total body work-out! Youíll find your coordination, balance and strength improving Ė along with your confidence.

Find a way to move your body and your body will love you for it. We are meant to move. Not only is exercise good for your body, itís good for your mind. Working out is a great way to ďventĒ and blow off some steam. I find I can manage stress better with regular exercise and I just feel better! Putting in all that work makes you want to eat better, too. Empty calories and junk food just donít seem worth it anymore.

Encourage others and let others encourage you. Sharing is good. So, open your heart and mind Ė and give yourself a second chance. Itís a fresh start to make healthy changes. 

~Patti Carrington

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