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How Technology Can Enhance Your Life with Diabetes

Posted by: Angela Thomspon, NP   |   Thursday, October 8, 2015   |   Latest Articles   |   Back to Blog

Do you get frustrated with some of the day-to-day management aspects of living with diabetes? Have you ever wondered if there is an easier way? With the revolution of technology over the past several years, there are multiple high tech tools that have been developed to make you’re your life with diabetes easier.

Some examples in the advances in technology include:

  • Applications, commonly referred to as “apps” on smartphones, tablets, and computers for tracking glucose levels, carbohydrates consumed, or medications taken for diabetes
  • Glucose meters that help with calculating the dose of insulin  

How do these tools help make life easier with diabetes, you ask? Well, it depends on the technology.

Let’s talk about apps. Regardless of what brand of smartphone, tablet, or computer you own, there are multiple apps available to help you keep better track of your sugar levels, carbohydrates, and other nutrients you have taken in on any given day. Some of the apps will also record the time and dose of diabetes medications taken including insulin in addition to apps for tracking exercise and calories burned through exercise. Most of the apps will allow you to readily share this information with your diabetes provider via email so they can check of your progress in between appointments.   And using apps doesn’t necessarily have to cost anything. There are plenty of apps that are free or low cost. So if you are interested using apps to better manage your diabetes, all you need to do is start searching in your app store.

Another great tool is the Roche Accucheck Expert® meter. This meter not only tests glucose levels, it has a built-in dosing calculator that will give advice on how much insulin to take for carbs consumed and elevated sugar levels. The meter also track the timing of insulin injected to prevent “stacking insulin doses.” If it is suspected you still have insulin left from a previous injection, the meter will suggest a lower dose of insulin. And it has a color screen to enhance seeing the screen better.

How convenient to have a meter that automatically determines this information! And with possibly less errors than if you had to figure this out by hand or manually. This meter also serves as a log book for storing glucose levels, insulin given, and the carbs grams you ate, so no need to carry around logbooks or papers anymore. Unfortunately, this meter is only available with a prescription so you will need to see your diabetes provider to take advantage of this product.

Hopefully some of the technology discussed today will ease the burden of the day-to-day management of diabetes.

Angela Thompson is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a specialized focus in diabetes and conditions related to diabetes. She has earned Board Certification in Advanced Diabetes Management (BC-ADM) to provide skillful management of the complex needs of patients with diabetes as well as Board Certification in Diabetes Education.

Angela enjoys working with her patients to find a diabetes management program that works best for their needs. She has experience and training specific to continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump devices. For patients interested in using technology supports such as smartphone applications to help track their blood sugar, Angela is knowledgeable about a variety of solutions available. She is now accepting new patients. Angela is located in the Center for Diabetes Excellence at Hendricks Regional Health Danville, 1000 East Main Street. To schedule, call (317) 745-3769. 

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