Healthy Outlooks and Goal Setting

The Chemo Countdown Project

Posted by: Shivaun Mitchell, Guest Blogger   |   Monday, February 25, 2013   |   Back to Blog

Recently, a close friend got some bad news. The "Big C" was dropped and the shock waves took a while to quiet. It was such a helpless feeling to watch her struggle with this news and the reality of what was to come. We all wanted to do something, anything, to help out and show our support, but we were unsure what we should do ...

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3 Steps to a Successful Recovery from Surgery or Injury

Posted by: Jenny Bates   |   Tuesday, February 19, 2013   |   Back to Blog

For many of us – and let's face it, I mean me – exercise is what keeps the little sanity you have left intact. So when an injury or surgery puts the brakes on activity, it can mean big trouble. As someone with a medical condition that throws a recovery period into the mix on a regular basis ...

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Inspiration for a Debt-Free, Financially Healthy Life

Posted by: Tara Finchum, Guest Blogger   |   Thursday, January 10, 2013   |   Back to Blog

As a college student and single parent trying to make my way through this dynamic place we all know as society, well … it has been a tough year. Treading water can only last so long before the body aches and begins to wear out. Treading water is exactly how I felt when it came to balancing finances ...

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Embrace Gardening This Spring By Planning Now

Posted by: Martha Rardin   |   Tuesday, January 8, 2013   |   Back to Blog

You might find the topic of gardening an unusual topic during winter months. But to gardeners, this is the time we contemplate next year’s garden and anxiously await the seed catalogs that soon will appear in our mailboxes ...

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Three More Ways to Live Healthier with Type 2 Diabetes

Posted by: Martha Rardin   |   Friday, December 28, 2012   |   Back to Blog

Having diabetes and NOT testing is like driving at night with your lights off ... Learn more about this tip – and others – to help you live healthier with Type 2 diabetes.

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15 Mini-Strategies for a Healthier Holiday Season

Posted by: Martha Rardin   |   Tuesday, November 20, 2012   |   Back to Blog

Food is an important part of holiday celebrations. Many of us have family traditions that include a favorite recipe or special dish that you look forward to sharing with your friends and family. Here are a few tips that can help enjoy the holiday season, while also focusing on your health and well-being. I call them mini-strategies, because if you put them into place each day, these positive changes may become new healthy habits to take you into the New Year!

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Three Ways to Live Healthier with Type 2 Diabetes

Posted by: Martha Rardin   |   Friday, November 16, 2012   |   Back to Blog

Managing your Type 2 diabetes is important to your health. In honor of National Diabetes Month in November, I have asked the diabetes educators at Hendricks Regional Health to share their best tips for living a healthy life with diabetes ...

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Seeking Financial Peace

Posted by: Lynn and Steve Turner, Guest Bloggers   |   Wednesday, November 7, 2012   |   Back to Blog

Occasionally, a great opportunity comes along. In this case, the chance to attend Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU), was, pardon the pun, a golden one. Lynn and I threw our family hat in the ring when the class was posted and we were selected. In some ways, it was like joining a health club. We can look in the mirror, pose and then walk away thinking, “I’m in pretty good shape.” Of course, the morning after the first session at the health club, screaming muscles and aching joints tell another story!

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7 Ways I De-Stress With Help from Mother Nature

Posted by: Patti Carrington   |   Friday, November 2, 2012   |   Back to Blog

Life is so busy. Every day we’re bombarded with stress and pressures from life. We spend life in climate-controlled environments, working on iPads, computers, and smart phones or watching TV. Is it any wonder that we sometimes feel a little disconnected with nature? Here are seven ways I connect with nature for a happier, healthier, less-stressed me – all year long:

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Motivated Like a Gazelle – Financial Peace University

Posted by: Kim Kiefer, Guest Blogger   |   Tuesday, October 30, 2012   |   Back to Blog

... In the beginning of our marriage we were more disciplined because the extra wasn’t there to spend and we had no choice. As the years passed and our incomes increased, we both have become complacent and lazy with our spending. Something needs to change.

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