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Accidental Inspiration for Weight Loss

Posted by: Susan Tewes, Guest Blogger   |   Friday, July 29, 2011   |   Latest Articles   |   Back to Blog

weight loss

Editor's Note: Great Shape is a six-month wellness program that gives individuals the opportunity to receive personalized support for healthy lifestyle changes. Susan is among the current class of "Great Shapers," and will be a guest blogger as she chronicles her journey to a healthier life.

In the beginning there was me, my scale and my food journal. For the first several weeks of my Great Shape journey, eating seemed fairly complicated. Forget just going into the kitchen to get a quick snack. Oh no!  There was the weighing and the calculating and the journaling then, finally, the eating. It definitely caused me to give more thought to what was going into my mouth. 

My first experience with eating out was work related. I attended a seminar with my boss and was treated to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Oh Boy! I’d always wanted to eat there!  However,  it didn’t take long for the excitement to wane. Once I remembered that I had to fit something on their decadent menu into my daily calorie allotment, I almost began to panic. I studied the menu closely and finally settled on one of the salad choices. I ate about half the salad and concentrated on enjoying the flavors and ambiance of the restaurant. At the end of the meal my boss got a piece of cheesecake for us to share. I REALLY wanted to try it. So, after one bite, I put my fork away and declined to have any more. My boss asked me why, and I responded by saying that I couldn’t count it. Little did I know how closely I was being watched. 

Like many of us, even though I was following my program very closely it took me nearly three months to start showing it physically. When that time came, my friends in the office started commenting on the changes they were seeing. One day, my boss came to me to say that I was her inspiration and that she was starting her own healthy eating program. What? Me? An inspiration for someone due to weight loss? After I got over the shock, we talked at length about my approach via the Great Shape program. She has successfully navigated nearly three weeks on her new program and has lost weight each week so far.

I started out thinking I would be under a microscope (so to speak) in this program. I didn’t want people watching me and expecting things from me. Truly, I was afraid I couldn’t do it. Through the support from everyone in this program, another member of my office is on the way to living a healthier lifestyle. Who’da’thunk it?


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