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Gaining Control Over Food

Posted by: Susan Tewes, Guest Blogger   |   Thursday, May 12, 2011   |   Latest Articles   |   Back to Blog


Editor's Note: Great Shape is a six-month wellness program that gives individuals the opportunity to receive personalized support for healthy lifestyle changes. Susan is among the current class of "Great Shapers," and will be a guest blogger as she chronicles her journey to a healthier life.

There are times I feel compelled to eat. Not merely, ďGee, ice cream sounds good.Ē More like, Iím totally distracted from my life due to the pursuit of food. Sometimes, Iíll spend an entire evening just going back and forth to the kitchen. When the first thing doesnít satisfy me, I move on to the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing. It is frustrating. It is embarrassing.  

I recently read the article, "Addiction to Food, Drugs Similar in the Brain," by Matt McMillen, Health.com. I found some things that really resonated with me. Itís worth reading.

The author made a statement comparing the reaction in a personís brain who is anticipating eating a certain food to that of a drug addict anticipating his next fix. That really hit the nail on the head in my book.

In talking with my wonderful dietitian during our last meeting, I realized some things.

One, Iím scared.

Scared that I will never fully gain control of the food instead of the food controlling me. Scared I will ďfall off of the Great Shape wagon,Ē only to fail again once the program ends.

Two, if I canít do something to my exact specifications, I wonít do it at all. That has to stop! As she pointed out, there will be days when I wonít be perfect. When I will have a piece of cake at a baby shower or when I will eat more pizza than I should. No, Iím not perfect. What Iíve come to realize is that I donít have to be. Thank you Martha for your words of wisdom. Thank you Great Shape Team for your continued support. 

Susan Tewes is a Great Shape participant making steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

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