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My Yellow Brick Road

Posted by: Lisa Gonzalez, Guest Blogger   |   Tuesday, April 12, 2011   |   Latest Articles   |   Back to Blog


Editor's Note: Great Shape is a six-month wellness program that gives individuals the opportunity to receive personalized support for healthy lifestyle changes. Lisa is among the current class of "Great Shapers," and will be a guest blogger as she chronicles her journey to a healthier life.

Okay, so Im supposed to be counting calories. Easy enough. But I am also supposed to count carbs, sugars and fats too? Um, yeah sure.

Oh yeah, and I am also supposed to write down what I eat while keeping track of the aforementioned carbs, sugars and fats. And then when I finish with that, I cant forget to blog about it. I feel faint

I am kind of like Dorothy wandering through Oz, but also feel like the scared Lion, trying to weather this storm of information swirling in my head like a tornado. Im constantly thinking to myself, Do I have the brains to remember everything, or the heart to even try? And when I look in the mirror, all I see looking back at me is an exercise bike flying by with this toned woman saying that shes going to get me and my little kitty too.  

My dreams are filled with images of lunges, bicep curls and exercise balls falling all around me like big pieces of hail. Calories, exercise and blogs, oh my! I am sure to need serious oiling in all of my joints after exercising (once Ive succumbed to the enticing draw of cute exercise outfits Id love to wear, not to mention hopefully looking as good in them as the toned lady on the exercise bike). Will I ever wake from this dream?

Im trying to stay on the yellow brick road, but the flying monkeys in my kitchen like to taunt me with pizza and soda and chocolate! But wait, whats that I hear? There seems to be voices in my head that sound like my fellow Great Shapers. Or maybe its the voices of our wellness coaches from Hendricks. One thing is for sure all of the voices are telling me to follow my yellow brick road. They tell me to stay focused, and I will find my way to a healthier me. And in the end, I will feel like an all-powerful, pumped up wiz at this.

Im slowly starting to melt away. I cant wait till the end of this journey. Im going to ease on the down the road in my new pair of ruby red heels!

Lisa Gonzalez is a Great Shape participant making steps toward a healthier lifestyle. When she is not blogging, Lisa is busy exercising, eating healthy and supporting her fellow Great Shapers (while avoiding flying monkeys potentially carrying chocolate).

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