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Weight Management and the Unavoidable Social Gathering

Posted by: Lael Hill, Guest Blogger   |   Friday, November 21, 2014   |   Latest Articles   |   Back to Blog

I am excited to be able to share that my journey towards a healthier lifestyle – including sustainable weight loss – is going well. Earlier this fall, I had achieved a three-pound weight loss in three weeks and am still going strong!

I credit the support of a good friend, as well as focusing on making my calories count by avoiding processed foods and eating plenty of lean protein, whole grains and veggies. I have also been using a scale for portioning out my meat, and was shocked to see how little 4 oz. of ground beef really is.  However, our bodies do not need as much food as we think it does, so this made sense.  I have also been trying to avoid cheese and craft beer.

One challenge that I have faced in my weight loss goals is the ever difficult social gathering. I thought I could handle this … turns out, I couldn’t.  For example, I went to watch a football game with family and friends and also to celebrate my mother’s birthday.  Walking up to the house, I felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, but instead of Lions and Tigers and Bears, I was screaming “Brownies, and Biscuits, and Wings oh my!”  And of course, instead of a small terrier I had a St. Bernard.  “Sure, don’t mind if I do” shove all those brownies down my throat.  One brownie turned into three over the course of the night because “I did well all week,” which means I can eat whatever I want, right? Wrong!  And my mother’s casserole?  Forget the fork, I went outside and grabbed a rake to eat it with.

But then suddenly, after it was too late, I remember what my doctor told me.  “You can reward yourself and have your favorites in moderation. But don’t eat a whole day/weekend’s worth of ‘cheat meals.’ That can cause you to lose all of your hard-earned progress.”

Thinking about that made me feel like I had really messed up.  So what did I do?  Ate like that on Sunday too because why not, right?  Diet starts again Monday?  That is when Monday came around and I felt defeated, tired, bloated and just plain awful.  Was that food really worth how I was feeling after I ate it?  I decided it is not.  I decided this journey is a learning experience, however, and there will be ups and downs, successes and failures.  But if I learn from my mistakes and make efforts to correct them, I will succeed.  

Next party?  I am bringing a healthy snack and will be portioning out my treats as I sing “Eye of the Tiger,” which is my new theme song!

clientuploads/2014/lael Edited.jpgAbout Lael
Member of the Hendricks Regional Health YMCA Advisory Board
Lael is a 33-year-young wife and mother of two currently living in Brownsburg, Indiana. She is a proud volunteer and member of the YMCA, and firmly believes in the organization's mission.

Lael is a social worker employed as a Victim Services Specialist for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Additionally, she is a sociology graduate stuent at Indiana University School of Liberal Arts. Lael also is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, and currently serves on the Indiana Chapter's public policy committee.

When she is not being a wife, mother, social worker, volunteer and student, she enjoys exercising, gardening, going on nature walks, talking on the phone, and has recently taken up cycling for a hobby. We are thriled to have Lael as a guest blogger as she chronicles her journey to better health!

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