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Local Physician With Worldly Expertise

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Saturday, May 10, 2014   |   Back to Blog

From a very early age, Dr. Chad Waits knew that he wanted to be a doctor… and that he wanted to treat the people of his community. Today, the people of his community (and many surrounding communities) are extremely fortunate that Dr. Waits brought his passion and expertise to Hendricks Regional Health.

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Surgeon Reduces Recovery Time By Half

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Thursday, May 1, 2014   |   Back to Blog

For patients looking for a less invasive hip replacement procedure, and one that can them back on their feet and active much more quickly, Hendricks Regional Health has the answer… Dr. Brad Prather.

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Influenza Update

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Monday, January 13, 2014   |   Back to Blog

Like many healthcare organizations, Hendricks Regional Health is currently seeing a large number of patients with influenza. Of these flu cases, a larger than expected number are having severe symptoms including respiratory distress.

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Youth Lacrosse Comes to Hendricks County

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Friday, January 10, 2014   |   Back to Blog

clientuploads/2014/Lacrosse-thnstk-147086898.pngDid you know that Hendricks County is now home to a lacrosse organization? Hendricks Regional Health is proud to support Brownsburg Youth Lacrosse, a newly formed organization serving young athletes in Avon, Brownsburg, Plainfield, Danville, Pittsboro, Lizton and surrounding Hendricks County communities.

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Answers to Common Questions about Flu

Posted by: David Stopperich, MD   |   Friday, November 15, 2013   |   Back to Blog

clientuploads/2013/Guest_Blogs/ill-person-thinkstk-182269970-WEB.jpgIt’s that time of year again – influenza (flu) is beginning to circulate in our community. Following are some common questions I hear from my patients regarding the flu:


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Treat People Better

Posted by: Barry Freeman, M.D.   |   Friday, November 1, 2013   |   Back to Blog

For me, Treat People Better has always described how NICE Hendricks Regional Health employees are ... But recently I had a patient case that made me realize that Treat People Better is more than a comment about how nice we are. Treat People Better is what we do. We treat their medical problems better than most.

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Could I Have Sleep Apnea?

Posted by: Jenny Bates   |   Monday, October 14, 2013   |   Back to Blog

clientuploads/2013/Bates_J/pillows-thnkstk-178364786.pngFor quite some time now, I’ve been waking up in the morning feeling as though I hadn’t had any rest the night before ... regardless of when I went to sleep. Like every working mom, people suggested I was just overscheduled and overwhelmed. But I started to think it was something more ...

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Partnership with Avon Community School Corp. Announced

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Tuesday, September 3, 2013   |   Back to Blog

Hendricks Regional Health and Avon Community School Corporation are announcing a new comprehensive healthcare partnership that includes sports medicine coverage. Under the terms of a recent agreement, Hendricks Regional Health has become the exclusive healthcare provider of sports medicine services and employee health initiatives for Avon Community School Corporation.

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Understanding Thyroid Problems

Posted by: James Edmondson, MD, Guest Blogger   |   Friday, August 30, 2013   |   Back to Blog

Thyroid disorders are among the most commonly searched medical conditions. In fact, if you Google the phrase “symptoms of a thyroid problem,” the search engine will give you literally millions of results. That’s a lot of information to sort through – much of which could be inaccurate.

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What You Can Do About Joint Pain

Posted by: Kyle Ritter, M.D.   |   Tuesday, July 16, 2013   |   Back to Blog

For active kids and adults, it’s frustrating to be sidelined by aches and pains. Joint pain is a common complaint we see in patients. Depending on the cause of your joint pain, there are some things you can try at home to relieve soreness and swelling ...

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