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What to Expect at Your 20 Week Prenatal Appointment

Posted by: Laura Shumaker   |   Friday, February 10, 2012   |   Back to Blog

At 20 weeks, you are halfway there! By now, you are probably beginning to “feel” pregnant with your growing belly and slight aches and pains. So, what can you expect at your 20 week appointment? Here's the scoop ...


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Fever Facts for Parents

Posted by: Dr. Jennifer Caswell, Guest Blogger   |   Tuesday, February 7, 2012   |   Back to Blog

As a parent, do you become anxious when your child’s temperature creeps above 98.6 degrees? You’re not alone. Fever is among the most common of all pediatric health concerns ...

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Women and Heart Disease – What a Girl's Gotta Know

Posted by: Guest Blogger, Jo Ann Morton, MSN, RN   |   Wednesday, February 1, 2012   |   Back to Blog

One of the most common conditions facing women today is heart disease, yet many women do not know they are at risk. In fact, the numbers are staggering. Each year, cardiovascular disease claims the lives of more than half a million women. Knowing the magnitude of women who are affected and being aware that women are at risk for heart disease is the first step to lower your risk. 

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Community Bloggers Wanted: Share Your Voice

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Sunday, January 8, 2012   |   Back to Blog

This blog community is a story network for bloggers to share their health successes and challenges. Want to join us? We are hosting a contest to find guest bloggers in our area. YOU could be a featured blogger, plus win a free health assessment package to help you make 2012 your healthiest year yet!

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Free Health Events Target Arthritis, Joint Replacements

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Monday, October 10, 2011   |   Back to Blog

Our Motion360 experts are presenting several educational opportunities to the community this fall – FREE for participants. From pain associated with arthritis, to understanding if a joint replacement is right for you, the topics are aimed at patients with orthopedic-related questions and concerns. Here are two upcoming events, plus information on how to register:

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Cool Classes, Fun Location, Zero Cost. Membership Not Required.

Posted by: Carrie Meyer   |   Monday, August 29, 2011   |   Back to Blog

Did you know that there are lots of ways you can take advantage of the new YMCA without being a member? Or, maybe you hadn’t heard that Hendricks Regional Health offers a ton of cool, FREE classes that will give you the tools you need to live healthier. So here’s the 4-1-1: we’ve got great classes featuring interesting topics taught by experts in a really fantastic location.

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Should You Go to the ER? Here's How To Know

Posted by: Hendricks Staff Reports   |   Friday, August 26, 2011   |   Back to Blog

When an illness or injury strikes, it can be hard to know if you should call your family doctor, go to an Immediate Care Center, or head straight to the ER. Dr. David Stopperich, Lizton Family Medicine, recently weighed in on this common question with some helpul tips.

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A Parent’s Primer for Smart Backpack Use

Posted by: Shane Sommers, Guest Blogger   |   Friday, August 5, 2011   |   Back to Blog

Does your child’s backpack make the grade? Chances are it doesn’t. Physical therapists are seeing an increase in problems caused by overloaded and improperly worn backpacks. Proper posture and appropriate backpack weight are the two most important factors parents should consider for smart backpack use.

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Back-to-School Immunization Update

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Wednesday, August 3, 2011   |   Back to Blog

Starting kindergarten and first grade is an exciting time for children. It’s important for them to get off on the right foot and take precautions to stay healthy. An overall physical performed by your child’s physician is recommended before the beginning of the school year. The state of Indiana also requires school children to be adequately immunized against a variety of diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, chicken pox, polio and hepatitis B.

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Safe Sitter = Better Sitters Today, Better Parents Tomorrow

Posted by: Patti Carrington   |   Tuesday, July 12, 2011   |   Back to Blog

It's never easy to leave your child with somebody else. You have to ask, “Can I trust this person to care for my child?” It’s not any easier to watch your child taking on “babysitting” responsibilities, whether it’s for siblings or others. One way to prepare your child for this big step is to encourage them to attend a Safe Sitter® course. Designed for 11 to 13-year-olds, this nationally approved training program prepares children for babysitting.

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