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From a very early age, Dr. Chad Waits knew that he wanted to be a doctor… and that he wanted to treat the people of his community. Today, the people of his community (and many surrounding communities) are extremely fortunate that Dr. Waits brought his passion and expertise to Hendricks Regional Health.


Dr. Waits specializes in joint replacement of the knee, shoulder and hip, as well as less invasive arthroscopic surgeries and sports medicine. With his partner, Dr. Kyle Ritter, he has had the chance to help a wide range of patients – from 300-pound NFL linemen, to patching up little kids and grandparents, and every orthopedic challenge in between. He has expertise in different shoulder replacement techniques that can eliminate pain and restore motion.

“Working with NFL players was fun, but my real passion is seeing everyday people get their lives back - a kid with a broken arm getting back to play, a dad with a torn ACL getting back to a sport he loves, or a grandma with new knees enjoying an active life again. These everyday patients give me much more joy,” smiles Dr. Waits.

His patients benefit from his skills and outstanding bedside manner, rewarding him with an amazing 100 percent patient satisfaction rating.

He completed medical school at the University of Kansas School of Medicine and his residency at the University of Kansas Medical Center, where he met Dr. Kyle Ritter. Together, he and Dr. Ritter went on to hone their orthopedic surgery skills by completing fellowships at Wellington Orthopedics/ University of Cincinnati.

“There are only two reasons for surgery – to stop pain and to get function back. Joint replacement can do both of these things for you - your pain can stop and you can get your full, active life back. The sooner you make the decision, the better. Joint replacement is a new beginning – you can play, dance, travel, or do anything once your body has been fixed,” said Dr. Waits.

Dr. Waits spends almost all of his free time with his wife and children doing family activities, sports, woodworking, music, church, hunting and fishing. Meet Dr. Waits at a free joint replacement seminar.

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