Heart Healthy Dessert: Cherry Almond Chocolate Clusters

Posted by: Martha Rardin, RD   |   Wednesday, February 4, 2015   |   Back to Blog

It's American Heart Month, a great time to think about ways to be heart-healthy. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, try this yummy, heart-healthy dessert:

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A Dietitians's Take on Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

Posted by: Martha Rardin, RD   |   Thursday, January 1, 2015   |   Back to Blog

There are many names for sugar. An easy way to spot sugar as an ingredient is to look for any of these words: corn syrup, white or brown sugar, syrup, honey, any word ending in “ose” such as sucrose, dextrose, fructose, maltose, lactose, fruit juice, agave juice, and these are just a few of the words that mean sugar ...

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Dietitian Confidential: My Favorite Vices

Posted by: Brenda Moeckly, RD   |   Thursday, July 17, 2014   |   Back to Blog edit-2.jpgOn occasion, I’ll run into a person who apparently believes that dietitians just run around nibbling dry salads and carrot sticks all day long. For the record – No, I don’t always feel like eating vegetables. Okay, I rarely feel like eating vegetables, especially if chocolate happens to be an available option ...

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Family Gardening Offers Fun and Nutrition

Posted by: Martha Rardin, RD   |   Saturday, May 17, 2014   |   Back to Blog

clientuploads/2014/Gardening_thnkstk_121288858.pngYou can’t beat the flavor of fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the garden. Tender baby peas, fresh strawberries and delicate lettuce are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to produce that can be grown at home ...

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5 Ways to Eat More Fiber (and Why You Should)

Posted by: Martha Rardin, RD   |   Thursday, March 27, 2014   |   Back to Blog

“Mmmmmm!” may not be what you think of when you think of fiber, but as a dietitian, I promote a diet that is high in fiber. Since I practice what I preach, this is the way I roll at home.

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5 Party-Planning Tips for Guests with Food Allergies

Posted by: Brenda Moeckly, RD   |   Monday, March 17, 2014   |   Back to Blog recently invited a group of friends over for a casual get-together at my house, and no get-together is complete without food. I love having the opportunity to share food (and my love of food) with friends. However, for this party my decisions as to what food to make didn’t hinge just on what groceries were on sale or which recipes were my favorites. Some of the guests I invited have multiple food allergies ...

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My Daughter, the Dietitian

Posted by: Karen Hollingsworth, RD   |   Thursday, March 13, 2014   |   Back to Blog

I feel very blessed as a Mom. I have two children, a son and a daughter and both have grown into productive members of society.My son has completed college, gotten married and is establishing his own home.My daughter will be graduating from Purdue in May, getting married two weeks later and moving to Houston, where her fiancé now lives. I failed to mention, my daughter is completing a coordinated program and will graduate as a dietitian. Yes, a dietitian.

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Finding Balance in a Super-Sized World

Posted by: Carolyn Burdsall, RD   |   Saturday, March 8, 2014   |   Back to Blog

clientuploads/2014/NationalNutritionMonth.jpgIt’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since Super Size Me was released. As you may recall, this documentary followed filmmaker Morgan Spurlock’s journey from good health to bad because of his decision to dine only at McDonald’s three times a day for thirty days ...

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Dads in the Kitchen: Tips & Menu Suggestions

Posted by: Martha Rardin, RD   |   Monday, March 3, 2014   |   Back to Blog

clientuploads/2014/Dads-in-Kitchen-WEB.jpgIn many single and two-parent households, dads are in charge of cooking and meal preparation. At times, this can feel like a daunting task. My son-in-law was a single dad for awhile and I asked his opinion on how he helped raise his son to enjoy fruits and vegetables and a wide variety of foods ...

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3 Healthy Recipes to Warm Your Kitchen

Posted by: Martha Rardin, RD   |   Tuesday, January 28, 2014   |   Back to Blog

clientuploads/2014/Squash-Soup-thnstk-183591401.pngBrrrr ... it's cold out there! Here are a few healthy and delicious recipes to warm your kitchen and add a little something different to your winter meals. Enjoy!

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