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A New Hip for a Green Thumb

Posted by: Hendricks News Reports   |   Sunday, April 20, 2014   |   Latest Articles   |   Back to Blog

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Growing up as a farmer’s daughter in Knox County, Beverly learned her active lifestyle and love for making things grow. “My whole life I have been gardening. I love when things bloom.”


She’s also an avid walker. Between gardening and long walks, the pain in Beverly’s right hip increased dramatically. In October 2013, while on a three-mile walk home from the Danville library, her hip began to hurt so bad that she did not know if she could make it home. Fortunately, a good friend drove by and noticed Beverly on the side of the road. “I must have looked like I was in pain,” she recalls, “because they pulled over to help.” 


That incident was the motivation she needed. She knew she had to do something because she was not going to give up her active lifestyle. Based on a friend’s recommendation, she called Dr. Brad Prather of Hendricks Orthopedics and Sports Medicine the very next day about an anterior hip replacement. The call went so well that Beverly knew immediately she had made the right decision.


The first day home from Hendricks Regional Health, she used a walker to walk a quarter mile. The walker was too slow for a fiercely determined Beverly, and that was the last time she used it. Within five weeks, she was walking two miles and gardening pain-free. 


Now, Beverly boasts with a smile “I can do whatever I want.” That includes six-mile round-trip walks to her daughter’s house, raking leaves in her yard and getting ready for spring. Beverly’s great experience has led to her encourage everyone to get the procedure sooner rather than later. “If you have to get it done. I say get it done as soon as possible. Even waiting just six months can make a big difference. Why would anyone wait?”

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