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Back in the Saddle Again

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For decades, this Brownsburg rancher has been doing what he loves – participating in rodeos, riding in the mountains of Arizona, and of course, the daily chores of managing and caring for dozens of horses and mules. And while that lifestyle is great for the soul, it is very rough on John’s body, especially the joints.


Eventually, the pain and loss of flexibility from a lifetime on the ranch made John’s life too difficult. One afternoon, while riding Ned, one of his favorite mules, John’s hip completely locked up. He could not get out of the saddle. As his friend pulled him off Ned, he said to John, “I thought you were going to get that fixed.” John replied, “I am now.”


John researched all his options and took the first step by making an appointment with Dr. Mark Booher of Hendricks Regional Health Sports Medicine, located at the Hendricks Regional Health YMCA. He was able to successfully manage his joint issues for two years before needing to take the next step towards joint replacement surgery. John chose an anterior hip replacement with Dr. Brad Prather of Hendricks Orthopedics & Sports at Hendricks Regional Health. The biggest selling point was the much shorter recovery time.


Just twelve weeks after his hip surgery, John and Ned headed off to the Arizona mountain trails for a riding trip. Every day, they spent eight to ten hours on the trails together. John was pain-free and doing what he loves – and Ned was doing what he was born to do. “Mules are like people. You’ve got to keep them moving to keep them living,” explains John.

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