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Three and a half years ago, I decided to turn myself into a runner. Just for a change of pace, you know, for the fun of it. This was a crazy dream, especially for someone who hates running. Yes, you More>>
My family is like millions of others today. Weve been through divorce, found happiness again through remarriage, and weve blended two sets of wonderful kids into our home to create a new family More>>
Recently, my youngest son, Cameron, discovered the joys of running. Hes joined a group called Avon Junior Runners that stresses fun and fitness. The running group has given him a much-needed outlet More>>
Deep down, Im still a six year-old. Im easily motivated by the simple things in life, like ice cream, a shopping trip, and yes, my first-grade teachers favorite, the coveted gold star. A few More>>
Every winter my husband and I fall into the same routine: we engage in multiple conversations about why we live in a cold climate, his desire to retire now and live on a boat in the Caribbean, me More>>
I live in a house full of boys (three sons and a husband who is perpetually 12) and, much to my dismay, I hear dirty words all the time. The S word, the D word, etc., etc. A few months ago the More>>
Im always looking for ways to feed my family without breaking the bank. All I want is healthy, delicious food at rock-bottom prices. Thats reasonable, right? I have three boys to feed, two of More>>
I have always struggled to find the fun in running. Switching up my pace by doing interval runs has helped tremendously but, lets face it, running on the same treadmill day after day or the same More>>
Growing up in the 70s, one of my favorite TV shows was Sanford & Son. To me it was hilarious when Fred was having a Big One, clutching his heart and telling his dear-departed wife, Elizabeth, More>>
I am a dog lover, plain and simple. Anyone that knows me has heard me swoon about my boxer, Roxy. As much as I love her, I am realistic about her limitations. Good behavior can be a challenge for any More>>