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Fruits contain natural sugars, making them a healthy sweet treat. Did you know that grilling fruits enhances their sweetness by caramelizing the sugars? Here is an overview of how to grill fruit so More>>
ShopWell™, both an app and a website, aims to guide users in making healthier grocery decisions. Overview: You’re in charge of your health goals when using ShopWell™. When you first join, you select More>>
I recently invited a group of friends over for a casual get-together at my house, and no get-together is complete without food. I love having the opportunity to share food (and my love of food) with More>>
Sometimes it seems that there are nearly as many fancy weight loss diet programs as there are people trying to lose weight. Your diet need not be complicated or mystical. A balanced diet based on More>>
With the school year underway, many families have gotten back into the swing of packing lunchboxes. But school kids aren’t the only ones who need a well-planned lunch. Whether you’re More>>
Editor’s Note: To encourage folks to get outside of the recipe box, Brenda recently provided the recipe option below to “Weigh to Go!” participants at Hendricks Regional Health. The program is More>>
On occasion, I’ll run into a person who apparently believes that dietitians just run around nibbling dry salads and carrot sticks all day long. For the record – No, I don’t always More>>