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I don’t know about you, but I don’t think we take vacations often enough. Some people don't take annual vacations. Sadly, some people never take them! Sometimes, when we do take vacations, we often More>>
I recently had an opportunity to try a yoga class. While not entirely new to yoga, this was my first experience taking a class devoted fully to yoga. In the past, my experience has included using More>>
Editor's Note: Patti is a regular blogger who successfully completed the Hendricks Regional Health Great Shape Program in 2009. Now she serves as a program coach, helping to support others as they More>>
I always thought it was just me, but don’t most women (and men, too) have some sort of insecurity over their appearance? Do we all think we’re fat, too short or tall, or hopelessly awkward and ugly? More>>
Do you choose shoes based on whether they match your outfit, or maybe because they are just so super cute? Ummmmm, guilty! Sigh. There’s more truth to that “right shoes” thing than I realized. When More>>
I’m guilty! Guilty for using lame excuses about why I couldn’t exercise, honestly believing they were reasons. But let’s get this straight – excuses aren’t reasons. According to the Centers for More>>
Whether you are just starting to exercise or looking for a new program, I recommend aquatics or water aerobics. Here are my Top Ten reasons I love working out in the water with my water aerobics More>>
Remember that friend you lost touch with so long ago and still wonder about? Why haven't you reached out to her or him? Whether it's an old colleague or confidant from school, there's something fun More>>
Editor's Note: Patti is a regular participant of yoga classes at Hendricks Regional Health. Watch in early December to register for January classes, which will be offered in the More>>
I love fresh starts – it’s like a second chance all wrapped up in unconditional love and forgiveness. I’ve learned that every day is a new fresh start, kind of like a “do-over.” Not an “undo,” but More>>