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The beginning of every new year brings with it many new resolutions for big change. And likely, many of those resolutions are abandoned for one reason or another. I do not think it is so much the More>>
Editor's Note: This blog is the first in a two-part series chronicling Sue's experience as a mom to a child with Crohn's disease. The more clinical information in her blog has been reviewed by a More>>
Sometimes when I tell people what I do, they react with a shake of the head, a “Wow, I couldn’t do that,” or even a scowl. Surprisingly, it’s not everyone’s dream to be a fundraiser. Imagine that!  More>>
When does a fundraiser not appear to be a fundraiser? When he or she is a physician, nurse, dietitian, groundskeeper, clinical attendant, pharmacist, computer specialist, cook, registration clerk, More>>
In most cases, a blog post is usually the personal thoughts and expressions of its author. However, I read an article recently and am not sure I could express the thoughts better myself, so I’d like More>>
I received an unexpected gift last Thursday afternoon, but it wasn’t given to me. It was given to Hendricks Regional Health and its caregivers, an organization and group of colleagues I’m More>>
I’m a lucky person with one of the best jobs around. I work with a bunch of kind, smart and amazing people who take great care of me, my family, neighbors and friends who receive their medical More>>
Now that the voting is over, I feel I can more freely express my opinion about being on the list of nominees for “Philanthopist” in the Hendricks County Flyer’s “Best of More>>
Every day we are faced with choices – what to wear as we get ready in the morning, what to eat for breakfast, how we going to spend our free time. Some of the decisions we make are inconsequential – More>>
Really? Yes, you can make a gift that costs you nothing! Want to know more? Read on! When most of us think about making a gift to a charity of our choice, we drop some cash in a donation box, write More>>